Speaking of Starbucks…

“As You Sow, an organization that pursues corporate environmental and social responsibility through shareholder activism and legal action, agreed. In fact, it filed a shareholder resolution at the company’s annual meeting in March 2010 asking Starbucks to get more aggressive. “We saw a fuzzy, flawed commitment on cup recovery,” says Conrad MacKerron, As You Sow’s senior program director. The group wanted Starbucks to include specific targets for numbers of cups recycled and expand its recycling commitment to its Ethos brand of bottled water and its convenience-store line of bottled and canned drinks (which are bottled and sold by PepsiCo). Starbucks countered in a letter to shareholders that its existing commitments were good enough, and that it was better to focus on access to recycling rather than to set a goal for numbers of cups actually recovered.

“We have no way of quantifying that,” says Hanna. “It’s a customer’s choice whether or not to recycle.” That’s a pretty profound, startling admission of powerlessness. All of Starbucks’s efforts can collapse in the single second it takes to shove a paper cup into the wrong can.”

via Anya Kamenetz from Fast Company

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