Starbucks and Ethos Water

Fact: In the US alone, we spend $11 billion a year on bottled water

Fact: >80% of all plastic bottles wind up in landfills

Fact: That’s $1 billion of plastic in American landfills/year

Fact: Starbucks gives an estimated $12.3 million out of their $442 million (~2.08%) profits from Ethos bottled water to charity.

So while we can feel good about Starbucks moving their bottling operation out of drought-stricken California, in reality, there is only an infinitesimal redeeming aspect of Starbucks’s production and distribution of bottled water. Ethos may be branded as a benevolent, charitable bottle you can stand behind, but it is hardly a product that aligns with their “mission to be a globally responsible company”, a soundbite from John Kelly, the company’s senior vice president of Global Responsibility and Public Policy.

via Mother Jones:

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