Utility Schedules for Spring Flushing

Each spring, your local utility will flush out their water mains by opening the fire hydrants and letting the water flow freely for a short period of time.

If you’ve experienced a slight change in the taste or smell of your water, it may be that your utility is in the process of spring flushing, and is switching the disinfectant used. This switch is routine, temporary, and is in no way harmful. If you would like to improve the taste, it is recommended that you leave your tap running on cold water for a few minutes, and also place your drinking water in the refrigerator to allow the smell to dissipate.
Below are the schedules for 2019 spring flushing.

City of Manassas – temporarily switching disinfectants

Town of Vienna – March 25 – June 17

City of Rockville – April 8 – May 24

Fairfax Water – March 25th – May 6th

Leesburg – June 1 – November 30

Loudoun – Supplied by Fairfax Water

PWCSA – Supplied by Fairfax Water


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